Comprehensive Refurbishment Services for HaggLund BV-206

Prestige Hagg Mogg ATV is able to provide high quality, cost effective repair and refurbishment to vehicles at our refurb center in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our Services Include

1. Refurbishing
2. Engine and transmission rebuilding and replacing
3. Complete undercarriage repairs and maintenance
4. Complete electrical re-wiring, service and repair
5. Windshield replacement

Hägglunds Mercedes OM651 Re-Power Benefits

  • significant better efficiency
  • significant reduced fuel consumption
  • high torque at low engine speed
  • reduced heat emission
  • very low engine speed level
  • reduced engine load with the result of a high life-time
  • reduced maintenance complexity
  • better starting performance at low temperatures
  • reduced weight
  • compact dimensions
  • higher top speed on underground with high driving resistance (uphill grade, soft underground)
  • possibility to diagnose and to localize failures
  • additive performance map adjustment allows an adjustment of torque and engine power
  • easy and fast availability of spare parts because of current platform

ZF 6HP28 Transmission

1: 4,17  2: 2,34  3: 1,52  4: 1,14  5: 0,87  6: 0,69  R: 3,40

  • military variant with J1939 can-bus
  • communicates via J1939 with ECU for optimization of shifting points
  • possibility to shift manually
  • equipped with torque converter lockup clutch for more efficiency
  • park lock installed

– to use on slopes up to 15% without parking brake

  • weight including oil approx. 93kg
  • oil cooler integrated into engine water cooling system


Failure memory read-out

Trouble shooting without the diagnostic system

Includes wiring diagrams

Engine electronic components

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