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Welcome to Prestige Auto
  We specialize in Mercedes Benz automotive and Hagglunds ATV repairs parts, service and sales.


Hagglunds ATV

A truly unique all-terrain vehicle
HAGGLUNDS Spare parts, new and used in stock ! 

We are pleased to offer our customers the track equipped Hagglund which can be custom-built to your specifications and needs. The vehicles are custom-built by Hellgeth Engineering of Germany and are available in a wide variety of configurations.

The Hagglunds was first developed in Sweden in 1974 and is currently in use throughout the world in some of the harshest climates. The vehicles are amphibious with propulsion in water coming from the tracks themselves.

Our Hagglund offers generous power from a turbo-charged Mercedes diesel or gasoline power-plant mated to a five-speed, electronically-controlled automatic "Tiptronic" transmission. Our power-train is the most lightweight and efficient available and is steps above other Hagglunds drive-trains. Ours offers low fuel consumption and plenty of torque, even at low rpms. Uphill speed is twice as fast as the original gas-powered Hagglund.

Our vehicle is extremely light-footed, allowing it to easily negotiate soft snow, sand dunes and marshy terrain. It is ideal for ski hills, tour operators and maintenance crews working in the northern U.S., Canada and the northern territories like Alaska, Yukon and Nunavut.

The front and rear units of the Hagglunds are connected by a unique hydraulic linkage, which provides full power to all four tracks and extremely good maneuverability

Gross Vehicle Weight 6200 kg (13,669 lb.)
Payload 2250 kg (4960 lb.)
Length 6.9 m (22.6 feet)
Width 1.87 m (6.1 feet)
Height  2.3 m (7.6 feet)
Ground Clearance  35 cm (13.8 in)
Transmission Mercedes WÄ 580 Automatic
5-speed, electronically-controlled
Electrical system 24 volts
Tracks Rubber tracks with steel mesh
Engine Mercedes 5-cylinder 2.7 litre    Turbo-Diesel
Power 163 hp/200-hp optional
Fuel Diesel or Gasoline
Grade ability 60% (hard surfaces) 30% (Snow)
Max. Speed 55 km/h, 60 km/h optional

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